Logo Development

River Dog Brewing Co. was founded in the South Carolina Low Country. This area of South Carolina is well know for it's connection to the rivers and ocean that intertwine the landscape. Outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting and boating are very popular in the area due to it's flourishing environment. 



The name River Dog was ultimately decided on but the client as rivers, hunting and dogs go hand in hand in the Low Country. The logo creation process started with basic fonts.

Label concepts

I took the fonts, the dog and the river concepts to create what could possibly serve as label found on the beer.  The fonts previously presented  were used in the images but the concepts seemed a little too commonplace. Other brewers such as Sea Dog, had already used the image of mans best friend in their branding.


Final Font

The ultimate font settled on is called Jane Austen. The font has a classic southern, vintage, hand written  feel which would be a great foundation for the River Dog Branding. The designs to the right show how the font began to take shape.



Now that we had a font to build from the client and I decided we needed some sort of imagery to complete our branding elements. An image of a dogs face with the Jane Austen font was not going to cut it so I searched the internet for something dog related and vintage. What I found was a vintage New York Stated dog tag.


Using the antique dog tag I created River Dog's very own dog tag that would serve as a branding element and logo for the group.